As I explored layout options one of my goals was to reference cover treatment. Initially the layout conformed very rigidly to that goal and I ran into some really unsatisfactory copy problems. To solve that I flipped the idea and used the elements from the cover to incorporate some functionality to the different layouts.
This was built in inDesign and the published document was meant to only live online. So I decided to give the PDF a navigation scheme so that users could jump from section to section. This is one of four final solutions that were presented to the primary stakeholder.
The cover was my primary starting point for determining the overall look and feel of the project. Since the content was focused primarily on mobile data analysis I thought a lot about what could communicate that without feeling cliche. One idea that I tried to incorporate into this was the idea of mobility. The image of a race car came to mind and initially I designed the cover to have a very race car number feel. Everything was very italics. But while that lent a sense of movement it also seemed to feel very unstable. So I incorporated that solid vertical elements to give it some strength. 
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